Many expert services are not available in Namibia and we, therefore, established a working relationship with various expert services abroad and in Namibia to render the best service to our clients.

ABSOLUTE CONSULTING ENGINEERS AND PROJECT MANAGEMENT is operated by Jürgen Leicher, a structural engineer since 1998.  He has vast experience in construction management and quantity surveying. He has provided expert reports since 2000 in assessments of construction matters in fire/water damage claims.

SEDGWICK LOSS ADJUSTING – SICS has access to the expertise of this worldwide loss adjusting service.

P BANBURY AUTOMOTIVE FORENSICPeter Banbury is a mechanical engineer with vast experience in the automotive manufacturing business.  He specializes in motor vehicle accident investigations and mechanical failure analysis since 1988.

SCIENTIFIC CRIME SCENE EXPERT (SCSE) – William Nambau holds a BSc degree and retired as a Deputy Director and expert from the Namibia National Forensic Science Institute (NNFSI) after 20 years in the fields of fire investigating/physical fittings/ballistic expert/crime scene/motor vehicle accident analysis. 

FORENSIC ROAD CRASH INVESTIGATION SERVICES (FRCIS) – Wilna Badenhorst is a road crash reconstruction specialist with 22 years’ experience. She is a mathematics analyst, has written several papers in the field of road crash investigations and road safety. She has testified as an expert witness in the courts of South Africa and Namibia.